Full Mouth Rehabilitation & Smile Makeovers

Reconstructive dentistry refers to any restorative dentistry procedure that involves replacing or repairing broken or missing teeth, bones, or tissue. Dr. Zajac and his associates offer this type of dentistry which is classified as rehabilitative. These types of procedures include full mouth reconstruction, dental implant restorations, TMJ treatment, dental bridge placement, dental crown placement, inlays and onlays, and replacing old metal fillings.

If patients experience severe dental problems that cause discomfort, they may be a good candidate for full mouth rehabilitation. Dr. Zajac and his associates can combine the aesthetics of cosmetic dentistry with the science of neuromuscular dentistry to perform a full mouth reconstruction.  Orthodontic appliances can be utilized to help properly position your jaw and once the jaw is properly aligned, relieving some of the pain caused by joint problems (TMD), cosmetic procedures can be performed such as dental implants, crowns, bridges and veneers to allow the patient the attractive, pain-free new smile they desire.

Dental problems such as damaged and worn teeth not only detract from your mouth visually, but they also can affect the alignment of your teeth. The procedures used by Dr. Zajac and his associates when repairing worn teeth will depend on the extent of your teeth’s damage. Generally, a crown can be placed over your damaged tooth to strengthen and reinforce the tooth. If there is a gap between your natural teeth, a dental bridge may be used to cover the gap. If you no longer have a natural tooth to which Dr. Zajac or one of his associates can secure a crown, a dental implant may be placed in your jaw to create the crown’s foundation.
So, how does full mouth
rehabilitation differ from a smile
A smile makeover is something that you elect to have performed, while full mouth rehabilitation is something that you need.

As the makers of dental materials respond to increasing consumer demands for beautiful, natural-looking dentistry, it is becoming hard to draw a line between purely “cosmetic” (such as elective) dentistry and “restorative” (necessary) dentistry. For example, it is now possible for Dr. Zajac and his associates to treat tooth decay with a tooth-like filling material that looks natural.
If you need full mouth rehabilitation, the materials available today make it possible for Dr. Zajac and his associates to provide you with durable, functional and clinically sound treatment that also looks natural.
It is also important to note that a smile makeover, though performed primarily to improve the esthetic appearance of the smile, requires the use of clinically proven dental materials and treatment techniques, as well as exceptional knowledge, training and skill on the part of Dr. Zajac and his associates. Many of the same techniques and equipment used for full mouth reconstruction are also used to ensure the success and long-term stability of smile makeover treatments.

If you have any questions about full mouth rehabilitation or smile makeovers, please feel free to speak with Dr. Zajac or one of our East Oakville Dental team members today.